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The Dream Must Stay Alive

Power and Chaos

anything tribe related
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the tribe. nuff said.
Basically it's for any fans of the show
The Tribe post your fanfiction, your icons, your fanart, anything you want.

Here are the only rules:

1. Before you post any fanfiction, fanart, etc please put a disclaimer on it. This is to prevent anyone from suing anyone else.

2. Please place a rating and any warnings on your work. This is so people that don't want to read or look at higher rated things, don't have to. It's a courtesy thing. If you need help on deciding how to rate your story or work. Refer to the rating guide below. It's based on the one found at fanfiction.net.

3. Spell check is your friend!!!!!! Occasionally everyone makes spelling, typing, or grammar errors. (I probably already have in typing this.lol.) Please just try to make sure your work is understandable. That's all I ask.

and finally....

4. No flaming! (as in no posting rude comments on someone else's work) This community is for open-minded people. Constructive criticism is fine and is actually encouraged. but no bad reviews just because you don't like the pairing or the plot.

Rating Guide

Rated K:

Suitable for anyone. Contains no violence, coarse language, or adult themes.

Rated K+:

Suitable for nine year olds and up. May contain minor violence as long as there is no serious injury. May contain some milder forms of coarse language. But still absolutely no adult themes. (unless they're subtley hinted at in a way that the less mature children will not pick up on.think Ice Age. hehe)

Rated T:

Basically the equivelent of PG-13. Violence, minor coarse language, and mild adult themes are allowed.

Rated M:

Not suitable for people under the age of 16.
Contains: Strong but not explicit adult themes. (explicit kinda means detailed for those who don't know), references to violence, and strong coarse language.

Rated MA:

Most people define this as 18 and up. It actually stands for "mature adult". This is not allowed on fanfiction.net, but due to the fact lj has where you can block it. It will be allowed here. However, if you post a MA rated fic or pic, you must make it "members only" basically "friends only". Ok.
It contains explicit language and adult themes.

Rated B

If you thought it couldn't get any fluffier than "K" you were wrong. Rated B means the fic/pic is designed so that preschoolers and children ages 1-4 can "read" it.
It is the same as K except for the fact it also includes the rule that you cannot use "ideas" that younger children don't understand.